#005 Rooie Bock/Rooie Bob – 6.6%

Every beerlover is looking forward to autumn, when the first traditional bockbeers are served. We had experimented a lot with hoppy and bitter brews, so this time we tried to make a beer that had to get its main character out of the malt, rather than out of the hop. In a recipe made by Cees, we focused on caramel and toffee flavors. We fermented the beer with a Belgian Abbey yeast, so it would be a bit in between a bock and Belgian double beer. We turned up with quite a sweet and caramelly beer, which lacks some good roasted notes and some bitterness. Not the best we made, but that is the way you learn.


  1. Bob


    Tijdje niet op de website gekeken, ziet er strak uit! Ontzettend leuk om de Bob de Brouwer flesjes op de website terug te zien.

    Succes met brouwen,


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