#013 Lucky 013 – 7.8%

For all the brews we made during the past year and a half, we used a wide range of ingredients. Our storage room was getting piled with all the different stuff. We tried to clean up a bit, and created a contest between the three of us. The contest was to make a recipe using as much of the ingredients we still had in stock and create something that resembles our beloved liquid bread. Mark came up with an idea for a Robust Porter and Cees was thinking of an Imperial Brown Ale using a #@$%-load of hops. Because Jos was too slow to enter a recipe, he was appointed to be the referee. His verdict was to make the Imperial Brown Ale, because that was less hoppy and more sweet. He probably was too busy with his wedding, as that remark didn’t make any sense at all! So Cees won the contest, the lucky bastard! And so that will be the name of our #013 brew: Lucky 013!

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