Big brewz!

Yes! Finally, we did it! We have made some big batches of beer! Ever since we started stirring in the brewkettle, we have been planning on brewing a bit more than the usual two crates of beer. First, we needed some more experience on the brewing process ofcourse and as a loyal fan, you probably have been following our adventures since day 1. We experimented with some IPAs and barley wines, even made a Belgian tripel. But all we wanted was to make that little dream come true and create a huge amount (for our standards) of beer in one go.

A couple of weeks ago, it was the day. Big brewday! On a cold and early thursday morning, we moved our bottoms towards Bodegraven, where Menno and his crew were waiting for us. Our friends from De Molen have given us the opportunity to brew on their shiny equipment, which we are very grateful for. Who doesn’t want to brew together with one of the top-respected brewers? And as ambitious as we were, we didn’t want to brew just once. No, we filled them kettles twice!

Not a hard guess, but the recipes we came up with were an IPA and a Double Oatmeal Stout. Our recipes needed a little tweaking, as not all the ingredients we had in mind were available, but we didn’t have to make any large adjustments. A long day of weighing the ingredients, lifting the large amounts of malt, filling the hopback caringly named R2D2 and hugging the yeast, followed. But at the end of the day, two tanks of beer had been filled and with a glass of a new de Molen saison (a style made for the workers on the fields, fittingly), we could look back on a fantastic day.

Are you curious and want to taste them? At this moment, the beers are chilling out in the lager tanks for a short time. After that, they will be bottled and ready to hit the shelves in one or two months from now and we might even be found on a local event or festival. Be sure to keep an eye on our website and facebook!





  1. John Clarke

    Great news guys! I’ll be across to Amsterdam for the Meibockfestival weekend (flying out on Thursday 19 April, back on Momday 23) – where will I be able to buy your beer?

  2. John Clarke

    Hi Mark

    That’s great – I know all three very well. I’m a huge fan of Dutch beers (which are not very well known in the UK) and I often stock up at De Bierkoning. I will look out for your beers in April. I will also be across for the Borefts Festival at De Molen in September and this might also involve a trip to Utrecht (big fan of Belgie and Cafe DeRat) so perhaps see your beers there as well.

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