Catch your Rooie Dop!

Did you notice the buzz? Rumours are spreading Rooie Dop items have hit the shelves and are ready for you to catch! We created some awesome t-shirts and our private models showed them off next to a classic VW buzz (with the latter somehow drawing more attention…). Alright alright, the van is for real, the logo on it is not (yet), but we still might see it used as a delivery truck. Apparently, there is a crucial part missing still: the engine. Sounds pretty crucial doesn’t it?

Still our delivery services did a great job in getting our brews across the country and even across Europe! France, Germany and even Spain are about to see our sunny Chica Americana. But don’t forget your own roots ofcourse: Holland’s got some nice places where you can taste Chica and Double Oatmeal as well. Among others, you can get it at places like De Molen, Burg Bieren and De Bierkoning. Check our distribution page for more information.

Last month we also got our first interview for national podcast. National railway services finally carried the guys from Podjebier to Utrecht city centre. Check out the tasting session they had at our place and listen to all the delicate phrases we use to describe beer (cough!) at their website (#17 ). It is in Hague and Limburgian (???), so if you are not familiar with those near extinct languages, don’t bother listening.

For now, we are about to open a nice Chica Americana to enjoy. And why not, a Double Oatmeal Stout for dessert. You better go get them too!


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