Hi there. Sure, you can contact us. Would be a blast.
You can fill in the form or give us a call. We’ll try to answer you as soon as possible.

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Our address and telephone number:

Production brewery address (no mailbox, so don’t sent stuff):

Rooie Dop
Herenweg 64, Unit 3
The Netherlands
(+31) 0618914623

If you want to sent us something (free beer? yes please!), contact us for the address.

Stuff that’s here due to legal reasons:

VAT#: NL178948329.B02
IBAN: NL03RABO0109773543
Chamber of Commerce Utrecht: 51717344

Visiting our brewery

Sadly you can’t visit our place (yet) without an appointment.

Hardcore label (and so on) collectors

We encourage collectors to buy our bottles and peel the labels of yourself. Or scout for coasters.

But if you are less hardcore and ask us nicely, we might sent you some.
Send us a self addressed and stamped envelope. The postage must be sufficient Dutch stamps for a envelope to your address. We can only sent labels to the Netherlands.