I want a Rooie Dop too!

A lot of people are interested in our stuff and are asking for opportunities to taste them. This is ofcourse great, but we have to be a bit cautious on giving away all of our beer, or there won’t be anything left soon (not even for ourselves; hey we wanna have a sip of that kick-ass Rooie Dop as well! ;-) ). To be a bit more transparent about the things going on at the moment, lets spend a blog to it!

We are currently discussing the possibilities of organising one or more tasting sessions at our brew location at the wharf. We had a tryout last month on Jos’ stag party and we thought that went very well. Laidback people having a laugh, tasting a decent beer accompanied by artisanal cheese and sausage. We haven’t worked out the details on these plans, but we are aiming to have one this year at least. That sounds like it will take a long time, but it’s difficult to say when we can have the first one. We are running out of stock fast, so we have to rebuild it a bit (otherwise there won’t be anything to taste, is there? :-) ).

Your enthusiasm on trying our beers makes us also think about brewing bigger batches of our recipes. That means we have to up the scales of our own brewkettle or maybe even think of contacting a commercial brewery (hopefully, we can once see Jos next to kegs filled with Rooie Dop!). We have some great ideas of what we want to taste our beers like, now it’s only a matter of finding a fitting recipe for them. We already got a lof of feedback on our beers, which is very much appreciated. That way we can continue to improve our brews!

Who knows what the future holds for us, but at the moment we need to keep on experimenting with ingredients and creating new beers with our current equipment. Our #014 will be another IPA, where we are going to try several different hopping techniques. The hops we’re going to use are good, there’s no doubt about that, and we want to see the best of them in our beer! We know you want that too!

So, no time to waste, we should get some work done!

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