Vriendschapsblend (10%, with Cascade, Oersoep and Oedipus)

At Cascade in Portland, Oregon (USA) they’ve got barrels. Lot’s of barrels. So together with Oedipus and Oersoep we blended some for their live barrel program.

This beer is a blend of blonde aged on pinot noir barrels, quad on bourbon and strong blond with lemon peel. The crisp acidity of the strong blond lends structure to the sweet, rich Bourbon body of the spiced quad with soaring notes of citrus and spices in the finish and aroma.

We called it Vriendschapsblend (friendship blend) because Cascade now has got a place in our hearts forever.

Status: sold out.

Style: NW style sour
Alcohol percentage: 10%
Color: golden
Keywords: sour, bourbon, malty, citrus, spices