#022 Ot the Elder – 7.8%

Ot is a great ambassador for Dutch small breweries. Give him a t-shirt and he will cross the globe wearing that shirt. Also, he craves for big hoppy beers and you better not bother him with a boring 50 IBU. No, Ot wants more of those little IBUs. Therefore, we created our version of Russian River’s flagship beer, Pliny the Elder, with a calculated amount of 327 IBUs. May we present: Ot the Elder!

#015 Hakuna Matata – 7.7%

#015 is centred around one word: “dry”. Just like #014 El Salvador, we split the batch to explore different “dry”hopping-combinations. We adjusted our mashing-procedures to obtain a bit more “dry” beer, so the bitterness of the hops can shine through. However, our Dutch summer wasn’t “dry” at all. No worries, better times will surely come!