Big brewz!

Yes! Finally, we did it! We have made some big batches of beer! Ever since we started stirring in the brewkettle, we have been planning on brewing a bit more than the usual two crates of beer. First, we needed some more experience on the brewing process ofcourse and as a loyal fan, you probably have been following our adventures since day 1. We experimented with some IPAs and barley wines, even made a Belgian tripel. But all we wanted was to make that little dream come true and create a huge amount (for our standards) of beer in one go.

A couple of weeks ago, it was the day. Big brewday! On a cold and early thursday morning, we moved our bottoms towards Bodegraven, where Menno and his crew were waiting for us. Our friends from De Molen have given us the opportunity to brew on their shiny equipment, which we are very grateful for. Who doesn’t want to brew together with one of the top-respected brewers? And as ambitious as we were, we didn’t want to brew just once. No, we filled them kettles twice!

Not a hard guess, but the recipes we came up with were an IPA and a Double Oatmeal Stout. Our recipes needed a little tweaking, as not all the ingredients we had in mind were available, but we didn’t have to make any large adjustments. A long day of weighing the ingredients, lifting the large amounts of malt, filling the hopback caringly named R2D2 and hugging the yeast, followed. But at the end of the day, two tanks of beer had been filled and with a glass of a new de Molen saison (a style made for the workers on the fields, fittingly), we could look back on a fantastic day.

Are you curious and want to taste them? At this moment, the beers are chilling out in the lager tanks for a short time. After that, they will be bottled and ready to hit the shelves in one or two months from now and we might even be found on a local event or festival. Be sure to keep an eye on our website and facebook!




Rise and Fall

Yo, Rooie Dop fans! It’s been a while, since we came up with a story for you. But finally, here it is!

The rise of a new beer brand may be getting closer every day. As already mentioned in our last post, we have been discussing the possibility of brewing a larger batch of beer at a commercial brewery and we have started to contact our friends who have one. No deals have been made yet, but everything has to start somewhere right?!

So, in the meantime we continue to fine tune some of our best creations, without forgetting to learn new techniques and recipes. Revamped versions of our oatmeal stout and IPA have been bottled this month and we are very curious to see how these recipes survived our move to the wharf. Every time you change setup, whether that is by using different equipment or moving to a different location, it could come out nasty and not the way it used to be. Till now, we really like our new location and especially at sunny days the wharf is a splendid place to reside.

The reconstruction of old favorites does not restrain us from trying new styles and recipes. As we speak, an american barley wine is fermenting and waiting for some soaked oak chips to meet in secondary, next to his little brother, an english bitter made from the leftovers of this barley wine. New plans are also made and beers on our current shortlist are both a classic belgian style beer as well as a coffee infused english style. But at the Rooie Dop, shortlists are able to change within the blink of an eye, so dont be surprised if our next brew is going to be something completely different :-)

Fall has struck our country, which is the perfect time of the year to enjoy a good bock. We might be present at some (regional) festivals to sample

some bocks of friendly brewers and have a good time ofcourse. Speaking of which: what an amazing festival and an incredible time we had at the Borefts Bier Festival 2011. Truly amazing people drinking spectacular beers. If you werent there, be sure to make it to next years edition!

Denmark here we come!

About ten years ago, it was all Tuborg and Carlsberg in the land of the Danes. Today, Denmark has a thriving beer culture, which ranks amongst the top of the world. Breweries popped out like mushrooms and various highly respected brewers and beers come from Denmark. The macrobreweries have lost a significant amount of their marketshare and Carlsberg should really change its slogan “Probably the best beer in the world”.

For the 5th time in a row, Jos and Cees were off to Denmark to taste some more of the Danish beerculture! First part of the trip was a visit to our Danish friends in Kolding, Rene and Signe. Rene is a member of the Kolding Bryglaug, who make some pretty tasty brews, and is clearly influenced by the years of Carlsberg reign (“this is probably the best sour ale of the festival!”). We had a small tasting session at their place with some splendid Danish and Dutch beers.


Actually this was just a warm-up beer session, as the next day we would join many beer geeks at the Mikkeller Bar in Copenhagen for some rare Three Floyd beers. The Mikkeller Bar is a true gem in Copenhagen. I dont know where they can get all these amazing beers from, but they have stuff from tap, which you have almost never seen before in Europe. Some stuff we enjoyed at the Mikkeller Bar, among others:

(I suggest you take a deep breath before going to read any further…)

Three Floyds Vanilla Bean Brandy Barrel Aged Dark Lord
Three Floyds Bourbon Barrel Behemoth
Cigar City/Mikkeller NielsBohrium
Struise Earthmonk (yes, from tap!)
Hill Farmstead Genealogy


(I did warn ya!)


If you ever have the chance to visit this bar, you really should. Otherwise you’ll regret it for the rest of your life!

The Copenhagen Beer Festival 2011 was very nice again. We met a lot of brewers, volunteers, beer enthusiasts and crazy Danes (should I really mention names? nah). Our friends from De Molen were there as well, and we helped them out a bit with tapping their magnificent brews now and then. Their festivalspecial was the De Molen Hot & Spicy, an imperial stout with a piece of Madame Jeanette pepper actually in the keg.  How are those #%@! constantly able to make an almost extreme tasting beer, without being over the top, but in balance.  Other very good stuff we had was from Evil Twin, Raasted and Croocked Moon. Wish they had more of that in the Netherlands (some is, some not).

Enough chatting, here are some final pictures of the festival. Next time you should be there as well! Enjoy, skol!