And the summer is gone

And the summer is gone

  • October 1, 2013
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Took a while since the last blog, we’ve been busy as hell. In short, we had a great summer!

Rooie Dop on tour

Kimchi summer 2013Visited countless festivals it seems, like Delft, Wormer, Kimchi Farm Festival and the Borefts Beer Festival in Bodegraven. Glad to see so much people enjoying craft beer. Our beers were even featured on a couple of beer festivals in other countries. Awesome!

In our brew dungeon we’ve held a couple of Fab Friday brew pub evenings. We hope to organize those more often.

Stop! Sour time

Hop Into The WildWe made some special beers for the Carnivale Brettanomyces festival in Amsterdam: Funky Acid Cheeks (geuze), Hop to the Wild (pale ale blended with lambic) and Strung Out Cherries (kriek, lambic with cherries). The experimenting continues, because we’ve went to Belgium to get some new lambics.

New beer

We made more beer. Some promising experimental brews and two collaborations with our friends at Oersoep: a white and a brown ipa. Still experimental, hopefully they will be available in large quantities soon. Also some we’ve planned some other collaborations this month in Manchester. But that’s something for the next blog.

Be sure to check our Facebook page for more updates. In the mean while enjoy autumn too.

Spring seems to be breaking through

Spring seems to be breaking through

  • April 29, 2013
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This meanbrewerss I should definitely get rid of my winter tires, winter jackets and all that sort of things. But most of all there should be beer for the warmer periods of the year. So last Thursday we went to De Molen and convinced Menno to help us make beers with insane amounts of hops. Great. It was a nice hot day and even the brewers from Against The Grain were at the brewery. We had a nice time, not only brewing but drinking as well. Only one small drawback: Brewing takes time. So we have to wait for a few weeks, let nature do its thing and then there will be some great Rooie Dop beers for the summer.

This evening the evening before the last queensday for the next many years. Get your Rooie Dop at the Wharf with some nice music and people! Just hurry, it’ll start very soon! Next thursday Rooie Dop leaves with a plane to Copenhagen to visit the CBC (Yes visit – we like to be on the other site of the casks as well). This is gonna be awesome already, so this means no brewing on sunday and a couple of days less Rooie Dop activity. Probably when you are a regular to our facebook you won’t even notice. Mark is so hooked, he probably gives regular updates like ‘Cleaning my toes at CBC’, ‘Waiting for toilet on CBC’, ‘Not enough women at CBC’. Whatever.

When we are back we will have a home match at De Molen! No not De Molen in Bodegraven, De Molen in Utrecht. We live in Holland, mills everywhere. Here we will be at the right side of the tap for you guys: We will be serving our beers on a hopefully nice saturday May 11th.

So yes, spring is coming and it brings a lot of good things: New beers and festivals! Enjoy!

On the double

Cees die in zijn oma's huiskamer een heerlijk biertje aan het tappen isAutumn is passing slowly and wintertime is coming soon. Of course not without some wonderful ‘beery’ events. Last stop: Grunn. A dutch province almost below sea-level and yet still they think that there’s nothing above Grunn. That’s a delusion of grandeur we like to toast to. ;-) So we packed our stuff and spread the red caps up north. We found a great festival with lots of brewers, beer enthusiasts, good conversations, loads of smoked sausages and some Frysian humorists who were definitely outcasts in this remote land.

When we got back delusion got us as well, since our new beers were bottled and ready to hit the shelf. You probably already noted; We doubled our line-up with 10 new brews! What …? 10? Yes two. :-) Sorry about this nerdy joke, but we are quite enthusiastic about our two new beers and like to exaggerate things a bit. Though we want to stay honest of course.

And yes, we want you to share our excitement. So please check our distribution list where you can get your brand new Rooie Dop Utrecht Strong Ale and The Daily Grind brews. The new local Utrecht bar ‘De Drie Dorstige Herten’ has an own wooden keg with Rooie Dop The Daily Grind during their opening season. It is limited, so check it out! Or you can join us at some upcoming events like the Wormer Winter beer festival at december 8th. But that’s not it, so stay tuned for more. Get out of that daily grind! On the double private!


Hey beer friends!

Long time, no see! Sorry for being a little quiet on the website, but there has been plenty going on. We have been at several festivals this summer season and made some fresh beer as well.


A short roundup of where we have been: to start, we had a nice tasting session at ABC beers in the Hague. Not a lot of white-collars as you might expect in the city that hosts our government, but a friendly bunch of beer enthusiasts. Also, we were invited by our friends from Oedipus brewing to join the Kimchi Farm Festival in Amsterdam; great atmosphere, great people and great beers! Even further up north, we visited Wormer for a small beer festival. Weather again was fantastic and we enjoyed it very much. Check out some of the pics on facebook!

Going abroad

We didn’t just stay in Holland this summer. Denmark is always a good beer destination and we served some of our beers at the Beerday in Kolding. Besides beer, we also brought some typical Dutch stroopwafels and afterwards we spend all of our Danish Kroner in one of the best pubs of the country. We drank beers and sung songs like true vikings and …  oh wait, everything thats happened in Kolding, should stay in Kolding. ;-)
Another of our journeys this summer was southbound. Armed with jerrycans, we headed for Pajottenland, to try and score some lambics. We returned with 50 L of young and old lambic. One of the highlights of our short visit was de Troch: they sure can make some lovely lambic! Anyway, we are going to experiment with some sour beers using those lambics. Patience is a key ingredient in those kind of beers, so we will have to wait at least until next year to try them.

Brew on!

Sadly, we did not have a brew session in our little dungeon in september. But, we made that up by creating a couple of big batches at de Molen. A fresh batch of Double Oatmeal Stout has been bottled and kegged, perfect for the darker days of the year. And as expected two new members have joined our family: Nio and Alex! Aint that cool names? No, not for our beers, dont be silly! We will release the names for our two new beers soon, dont worry. Shall we tell you something about the beers itself then? Hmm, let’s save that for a next blog :P

Cheers and see you!

Paying attention

Hey there!

How have you all been doing lately? Enjoying a nice Chica to bring that little bit of sunlight to Holland? Or are you more into a dark roasted beer in these kinds of rainy days? Well, enough jokes have been made about the long wait for summer in Holland. Good stuff is going on all the time, so let’s focus on that!

Our 15 minutes of fame

Guess you must have heard or read about us lately? We have been in the media, getting that little bit of attention we all like to have once in a while. After our last blog, our story got picked up by a Dutch beerblog, who wrote a nice story about us. Read more about that on Dutch Beer Pages.

This got something started and we were asked for a story in the regional pages of one of Hollands largest newspapers. Plus we were invited in the studios of Business News Radio (BNR) for a short interview on our brewing escapades. Kudos to our old friend Margreeth, who made a lot of this happen! Also, friends from all over the world visited our little brewdungeon for a chat and a cheers. Read up on the travels of Tasman beer-enthusiast Adam, who writes about his (beer)travel around the world on Crafty Ramblings. Links to stories and interviews can be found on our facebook page, so make sure to follow us on social media as well ;-)

Expanding our family

In the meantime, the (biological) clock is ticking and it wont be very long before the Rooie Dop family will welcome two new little brewers. We foresee sleepless nights and less beers consumed, but it will all be worthwhile! In a beerway, we are working on expanding our family as well. We are currently working on two recipes for two new beers to brew at De Molen, which we plan to release this winter. Expect them to be related to our first two brews, most likely american-styled beers. But with a little Rooie Dop twist(ed) to it ofcourse. So, lots of good stuff to look forward to!

Meet us

You can’t wait for winter? Check our event listings on the right side of the website. We will be at some small festivals and venues to share some lovely brews and good stories. We love to meet you there, cause there ain’t no better bunch of people than beerlovers!

Cheers for now and enjoy your summer!

Beer festival weekend

Delivery of our beerIt is spring and we know it; Best time of the year for beer festivals. After we got home from the Copenhagen Beer Celebration it was time for us to take control at the other side of the counter. Last weekend we were tapping both our beers at the Utrechtse Bierbrouwers Festival and at Café Zomaar in Amersfoort.

We got up early since we couldn’t wait any longer to take the Rooie Dop Transporter in use for the first time! Delivery service; Hell yeah! After everything was set up, a lot of coffee and some chitchat the first people entered the beautiful domain of Molen De Ster in the centre of Utrecht. The weather was great, 1700 people came and the taps were continuously pouring beer. Seriously, Utrecht needs more brewers with such a great crowd of beer enthusiasts!

Do you see the queue in the picture? Yes, you guys were waiting patient for a long time to get our beer. We are grateful for that. And of course many thanks to the people from the Houtens Brouw Collectief, Pint and the residents of Molen De Ster.

Unfortunately taps went off at 1730. But after a good night sleep we went to Amersfoort to tap our brews at Café Zomaar together with de Eem and brew club De Amervallei. A fantastic location in the heart of Amersfoort, a good atmosphere of beer enthousiasts and great weather. Our Chica’s just love the summer.

Good times

Hello brewing friends!

We have some good times ahead of us and behind us: we hosted two wonderful tasting sessions in Amsterdam. A lot of you came to visit and meet the brewers, have a chat, a taster and some good fun. We had a great time and want to thank our hosts, de Bierkoning and In de Wildeman, and visitors for making these events happen! More will certainly follow in the future.

Last queensday was a day off for us, but we came up with a jolly test brew on the day before. A weizen is in main fermentation and we managed to break our efficiency record on our test facility, yay! More records were broken on thursday, when we filled a huge tank at de Molen with another 60 minus hl of our delicious Chica. Minus 30 l that is, as one of us (do we really need to mention a name? We all know who we’re talking about don’t we?) spilled a keg worth of beer by messing with the infamous R2D2.

Next week has us leaving for a small roadtrip to Denmark, which we are very much looking forward to. First stop will be Kolding, where our brewing brothers of Kolding Bryglaug are waiting for us to create a brew with all sorts of crazy ingredients. Then it’s off to Copenhagen for a series of beer festivals. We don’t have to brew or serve beers over there, but just enjoy ourselves and taste some of the worlds best beers available. Heaven is a place on earth and next week it’s called Copenhagen! ;-)

But you don’t have to miss us for a long time: saturday May 19th we will be present at the Utrechtse Bierbrouwersfestival in our beloved city of Utrecht. We bring our Chica and Double Oatmeal Stout on tap, so be sure to come and have a sip. If you are not able to make it, there is another event the next day. Local bar cafe Zomaar in Amersfoort will host a small beer event on sunday afternoon and together with de Eem we will serve some nice beers there as well.

Hope to see you on a lot of those festivals! Cheers!

Meet the brewers!

For as far as you haven’t met us yet: here is your opportunity to meet your favorite brewers and taste some of our new beers! Our Chica Americana IPA and Double Oatmeal Stout are bottled and kegged and will be available at some selected spots for tasting. So, mark the following dates in your agenda in ‘red’. ;-)

Saturday April 14, we will showcase our new brews at de Bierkoning in Amsterdam. From 14.00 – 17.30 you are welcome to have a sip and catch some bottles in easily one of the best beer stores in the country!

Tuesday April 17, the first kegs of Chica Americana IPA will be connected to the taps of in de Wildeman and will pour you some of our liquid gold. At 19.00 the party will start and our Chica will dance for you!

Saturday May 19, Utrecht will host the 2nd Utrechtse Bierbrouwers Festival. Rooie Dop will be there along with several other local brewers to let you enjoy the finest craft beers of Utrecht!

Hope to see you all on some of these great events!

Being labeled

The internet buzz around Rooie Dop has been increasing, even after a while you did not hear a lot from us. Maybe when it is quiet on the front, people start to wonder what is truly happening out there? Well, we haven’t been doing nothing in the meantime. Or well, Jos has been doing nothing to be honest: enjoying his share of sunshine in New Zealand. And Mark and Cees were supposed to be brewing in January, but -cough!- logistic -cough!- issues caused that to be delayed. Unfortunately transportation, or rather a lack of it, also delayed a fun evening with our friends from Podjebier. So they still have to wait for their most wanted interview with “Strooker”.

We are getting more often requests for beers and labels, and although it is not in our nature to disappoint people, we do have to ask for patience. As you might now, we only brew on a homebrew scale (about 2 crates full), which is hardly enough to cover for our own needs. The labels are printed at the jobsite, so we don’t have a drawer full of them to hand out to every enthusiastic collector. Truly sorry for that! As soon as we have made a large batch of beer with the accompanying large batch of labels, they will be available!

The festival season for 2012 is about to get started as well and there are a lot of great ones coming up, ranging from large to small and from faraway to the next little village. You may have seen Mark and Jos at the Winterbierfestival in Gouda and you might see us at the Dutch Brett days in march. Also, we managed to get tickets for one of the most interesting festivals this year: the Copenhagen Beer Celebration. Mikkeller and his brady bunch invited no less than 25 of the best brewers in the world to showcase their best beers. Really looking forward to that!

On the brewing side, we have a lot of lovely ideas for experimental brews in our ideabox. But occasionally we also like to make some straight-forward beers. Besides being labeled sometimes as brewers that only make bitter beer, we did make a sweet Tripel (#020) and a smokey porter (#021). But to confirm the label slightly, we currently have a big double IPA fermenting with a whopping 300+ IBU (calculated that is, actual might be just under 100)! As a nice beer-bar in our capital says: no hops, no glory!

Amen to that!


Rise and Fall

Yo, Rooie Dop fans! It’s been a while, since we came up with a story for you. But finally, here it is!

The rise of a new beer brand may be getting closer every day. As already mentioned in our last post, we have been discussing the possibility of brewing a larger batch of beer at a commercial brewery and we have started to contact our friends who have one. No deals have been made yet, but everything has to start somewhere right?!

So, in the meantime we continue to fine tune some of our best creations, without forgetting to learn new techniques and recipes. Revamped versions of our oatmeal stout and IPA have been bottled this month and we are very curious to see how these recipes survived our move to the wharf. Every time you change setup, whether that is by using different equipment or moving to a different location, it could come out nasty and not the way it used to be. Till now, we really like our new location and especially at sunny days the wharf is a splendid place to reside.

The reconstruction of old favorites does not restrain us from trying new styles and recipes. As we speak, an american barley wine is fermenting and waiting for some soaked oak chips to meet in secondary, next to his little brother, an english bitter made from the leftovers of this barley wine. New plans are also made and beers on our current shortlist are both a classic belgian style beer as well as a coffee infused english style. But at the Rooie Dop, shortlists are able to change within the blink of an eye, so dont be surprised if our next brew is going to be something completely different :-)

Fall has struck our country, which is the perfect time of the year to enjoy a good bock. We might be present at some (regional) festivals to sample

some bocks of friendly brewers and have a good time ofcourse. Speaking of which: what an amazing festival and an incredible time we had at the Borefts Bier Festival 2011. Truly amazing people drinking spectacular beers. If you werent there, be sure to make it to next years edition!