#023 Hot Summer Chica RIS – 10.9%

Winter is over, so we need to brew some good beverages to enjoy in the coming sunshine. Of course, you could think of a golden-colored, refreshing and crisp beer. But sometimes, you just long for a full-bodied, dark and strong brew. Made with our beloved Chinook and Cascade hops, 99% pure chocolate and a little orange zest. We are ready for a hot summer!

#009 Russian Imperial Stout – 9.5%

“You only live twice”. So, that’s why we wanted a remake of our own #007 brew. Mark adjusted the recipe slightly and tried to get more mocca flavor and used less oats. Also, the extra bitterness gives the beer a bit more character. The result is another full-flavored imperial stout that Q would be proud to invent!

#007 From Russia with Love – 9%

With the names of our brews, it was pretty soon we had to make this very special brew in celebration of the most famous spy on film. The Oatmeal Russian Imperial Stout was made with a recipe made by Mark. His goal was to make a thick, flavorful Imperial Stout with the use of malted oats. The result was fantastic. Creamy mouthfeel with coffee tones and a decent  bitterness.

The label is a tribute to the entry scene that is typical for a 007-movie. James Bond would die for this brew!


#001 Russian Imperial Stout – 6.6%

Dark colored beer with a short off-white head. The recipe was adapted from the internet by Mark. It was our first time brewing with our new (homebrew) equipment, so sometimes we had to improvise at the site. We did not reach the original and final gravity we were aiming for, so the beer is only about 6.6%. We did get enough hops in there to give the beer a quite bitter taste. Especially the cascade kicks in big time. Those facts together make the beer more of a ‘black IPA’ instead of a RIS. Not what we intended for, but we learned a lot!