Being labeled

The internet buzz around Rooie Dop has been increasing, even after a while you did not hear a lot from us. Maybe when it is quiet on the front, people start to wonder what is truly happening out there? Well, we haven’t been doing nothing in the meantime. Or well, Jos has been doing nothing to be honest: enjoying his share of sunshine in New Zealand. And Mark and Cees were supposed to be brewing in January, but -cough!- logistic -cough!- issues caused that to be delayed. Unfortunately transportation, or rather a lack of it, also delayed a fun evening with our friends from Podjebier. So they still have to wait for their most wanted interview with “Strooker”.

We are getting more often requests for beers and labels, and although it is not in our nature to disappoint people, we do have to ask for patience. As you might now, we only brew on a homebrew scale (about 2 crates full), which is hardly enough to cover for our own needs. The labels are printed at the jobsite, so we don’t have a drawer full of them to hand out to every enthusiastic collector. Truly sorry for that! As soon as we have made a large batch of beer with the accompanying large batch of labels, they will be available!

The festival season for 2012 is about to get started as well and there are a lot of great ones coming up, ranging from large to small and from faraway to the next little village. You may have seen Mark and Jos at the Winterbierfestival in Gouda and you might see us at the Dutch Brett days in march. Also, we managed to get tickets for one of the most interesting festivals this year: the Copenhagen Beer Celebration. Mikkeller and his brady bunch invited no less than 25 of the best brewers in the world to showcase their best beers. Really looking forward to that!

On the brewing side, we have a lot of lovely ideas for experimental brews in our ideabox. But occasionally we also like to make some straight-forward beers. Besides being labeled sometimes as brewers that only make bitter beer, we did make a sweet Tripel (#020) and a smokey porter (#021). But to confirm the label slightly, we currently have a big double IPA fermenting with a whopping 300+ IBU (calculated that is, actual might be just under 100)! As a nice beer-bar in our capital says: no hops, no glory!

Amen to that!